Do You Want to Be an Overcomer?

I’m an “overcomer” from child and adult behavioral problems. This lead down a tough road of domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction.   This continued through my adult life.  I was full of rage and hate and easily offended by everyone and everything.  It was never my fault and the blame always fell elsewhere.  To describe me as “hostile” is actually mild and resonated from every fiber of my being.   The rage within showed up externally to the point my life was a nightmare every day.

How did I go from that lifestyle to an “overcomer?”  I can only cite one source and that is God. I surrendered to HIM.   He showed me 8 years ago that I can create my own reality when I follow HIS WILL.  The  bad and the ugly nightmare I was living has changed immensely. Today my life is peaceful, loving, giving, kind and full of generosity.  Every day I surrender to HIS WILL and everything falls into place if I put my will aside and take the action I’ve been guided to do.


Romans 8:28 “…we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

As a result of my path, I’m now helping others on their journey to inner peace through a mentoring program.

Lots more inspiration, hope and ideas for turning your life around in future blogs.  Please post any comments, questions I can answer or solutions you are looking for.

with love, Michele