Today I See Clearly Through the Eyes of Love

I specialize in guiding women to find healing and forgiveness. To transform their minds to move beyond past hurts  into a new  way of living.

I have spent a lifetime seeing the world through the eyes of emotional pain by allowing others to abuse  me.  I thought everyone was out to get me.  I came to find out that wasn’t true at all.  It’s how I perceived it and what I created my reality to be. Yet people really loved me but  I wouldn’t allow it. I turned everything around and it was everyone else’s fault. It’s not what people were really saying or doing. I saw it through delusional eyes.

Today I see clearly through the eyes of love. I found this freedom through doing step work and forgiveness therapy.   I was able to change my thoughts and feelings including my actions and perceptions.

Do you want real change? Life is truly how you perceive it. If your sick and tired of being sick and tired I can assist you to see the pain  in life differently and heal your soul.


One-to-one Forgiveness  and Soul healing.  This is the most powerful and quickest way to healing the soul wounds of the past. Be ready to be free

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God speaks to all of  us and often we don’t recognize it