Good afternoon

Have you ever written a gratitude list?

I write a daily gratitude list. I have learned to use this tool. This very effective tool in my life. I have found  by making a gratitude list every morning it changes my thought processes for the day. Some days I wake up and I’m tired and cranky And i don’t wake up really happy or excited about the  day. When  I write out a gratitude list of what I am grateful for, it brings me right back into happiness,  excitement, it gets my mind on the good in my life. It also changes my brain activity from old thought patterns to new thought patterns. We have every ability to change the way we feel. I choose to feel good and happy. Writing  truly changes the way I am thinking.. And this is how I co- create with God to bring more goodness and my life.

Are  you writing a daily gratitude list?  10 things you are grateful for. Do you write a list of 5  amazing things you do everyday? I say 5 because I have found it difficult for women to do more than that. If you can please write more good things about you.  My encouragement is, just to do it! You will start to see how great your life really and how amazing you really are!

See the best in you! Your amazing and your worth it!

I bless you abundantly with much love and honor!

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