Change your thoughts change your life

God morning beautiful people of God,

Happy New Year!

how will this year look different for you? Did you know that worring is a form of praying for what you don’t want?

Romans 12-2 Don’t be conformed to the ways of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind, and then you will know God’s will for your life. This is my life verse,  This means to me, we can continue down the road of fear and our thoughts like I can’t because… I don’t have enough money… It’s to hard… I am sick… I’m not smart enough…  I am overweight I can’t….Or we can cast down these thoughts that to feed us defeat or get into alignment with God, who says… I can because… I’m strong enough to overcome because…. I’ll risk it because…. I am healed because… His word says so.  I had stage 3 breast cancer twice in 2 years,  yet in the  beginning, of the second time, I heard you are healed walk it out. That’s God’s word, so I believed the good thoughts instead of the thoughts of sickness and disease even on the hard days of being tired and angry to be here again, or  just not able to…

my self talk today on a daily basis is as follows  I am strong,  I am confident,  I am bold, I am rich I am creative  I’m anointed I am empowered I am victorious I am healed  and  everybody likes me.

this is the pray I bring into my everyday and now my life looks like these words! I am healed IAm ….

i hope you can use some of this to start your days

bless you abundantly


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