The Gift of cancer

First I would like to thank my new users, that have joined my blog. I bless you and hope that you receive from what I have to share!

I would life to share a brief summary of  my walk with breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 11-13 I walk through it like a champ. I did 5 rounds of chemo and 5 weeks of daily radation. I had a double masacatomy . I did everything to ensure there would be no return of cancer. Yet in June the doctor found more tumors at a standard check up. On July 29th of 2015 I went in for surgery and they found 4 cancerous tumors. I went for chemo again. Yet this time I was able to receive a pet scan. I am now cancer free! Yay! I want to share the miracles of cancer not the disease of cancer.

I am excited to share the amazing Gift that cancer has given me!i know this sounds crazy. Even my surgeon is confused when I say this! Lol

It was a true  gift for me to.. find myself ,  love myself and the people around me.

i learned to forgive and I learned to release the people I blamed from blame.

i have found forgiveness and blame are two different things. Forgiveness is an action. That I have done. Yet I had no idea I was still blaming the people that have hurt me. I would says things to myself and others…….is to why I can’t…. Or it’s because of my past… Don’t you see how this has effected me… Don’t you see how you hurt me…

This  behavior has kept me in the NOT taking responsibility for myself. Also NOT living. I have been stuck.

Wow what an eye opener this was and still is, as I am still sifting through and learning about myself and blame.

i always thought I was the victim. Come to find out I was both a victim and a bully. I hurt people too, yet I never saw that. I stayed in my own self pity.  I have really learned to look at myself and make amends to those I have harmed.

we are always told to forgive, you have to forgive, yet no one has ever spoken of releasing blame. At least not in my realm. I feel they are one in the same. Yet until it was revealed to me, I feel they are not the same.

For me this changed everything in my family a real shift of goodness has happened. Letting go of all that binded  me and my family down. I found out I had so much to do with the energy of negativity in my family. Again Wow I had something to do with all the pain, caused me and them. Today I no longer bring this to the table. I am free. I am healed. More to come…

have a beautiful week full of love and healing!😄👑

4 thoughts on “The Gift of cancer”

  1. Dear Michele,
    In so many ways your cancer is a gift.
    Love, Peace, Understanding, and Goodness to all.
    The Light kept shinning from behind the door that God kept knocking on to invite you in…When you finally opened it up- not only did you walk in that door you ran He knew you would eventually. He had his plan for you!!
    You could either take it or leave..
    God heals, God loves and he sure loves you and knows you will do his work for him in this little place called earth..I say little place, well compared to heaven- it is a little place!!!
    I believe you have gone through what you have was to learn to share ,forgive and truly love.. which you have done so well since your

    With Love

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