10 thoughts on “Turning Point Soulutions”

  1. Michele!!

    U R such an inspiration & I luv u so much!! Great job on ur NEW Journey! I luv the site, it looks AMAZING!!


    1. most beutiful spirit Nicole, thank you so much for your love, honor and support i sure couldnt have gotten here without you! i am forever grateful for you and how God has used you to assist in my healing for assiting and moving me forward every generous act from your heart has healed mee. i love you
      thanks for being my 1st comment! i love you more than chocolate and you know how much i love chocolate.
      i pray a blessing of increase of all that is good in your life, may you recieve more::))xoxox

  2. You are such an amazing blessing to us & so many people. You are so amazing, I can’t wait to see what this website/blog turns out to be – wait, I already know, AMAZING!!

    1. Thank you Hunter, I am looking forward to this next journey in my life. Thank you for being one of my cheerleaders! I love you

    1. Thank you Ana!
      I look forward to sharing my heart with you. To encourage edify and build up. If you have any ideas or things you would like to hear about. Send me a note!
      Bless you sweet lady!

  3. To My Daughter Mighty Michele and her so many Clients and friends…
    Whatever you may be feeling at the moment Michele has probably been there. As we all know you can not help anyone unless you have been there.. certainly in her journey of life those hard knocks, the ups, downs, trials and tribulations justifiably so has become a wonderful daughter and friend. highly enriched with the word of God as she walked the line OF LIFE!!!
    Why is it that the nicest people seem to have the hardest time in this beautiful world. It is a wonderful world when we are depressed and everything is good…
    Talk to Michele and you will find a heart that has wept so much and a soul that is warm and beautiful!!
    Yes I am her mom and you may think ..well mom…you are prejudiced…not at all…believe me when I say..20 years of praying and hoping God would listen to me…He has..Thank You God and Michele
    Love Mom

    1. Hi mom.
      Thank you for the beautiful post! It sure has been a road. I am forever grateful for the work God has done in me, to heal our relationship. To my new friends, this is the healing that has occurred by surrendering to God and to live life no longer out of fear. abuse, addictions, anger, blame and un forgiveness . Today my mom and I are creating a very beautiful relationship. yay God!
      Mom thank you for all you have done to love and honor me. I give it right back to you!
      I love you a bushel and a peck😘

  4. God Morning Dear Michele,
    wishing you a loving and wonderful day
    I loved being at church with you yesterday. I totally enjoyed the Pastor and his words…very fun and so inspiring..
    love mom

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